Our Story 

Sheena Hsu 許之馨 and Jeremy Smith's 史傑瑞 Story

Jeremy is from Austin Texas, the land of cold beer and hot women. After graduating from high school, Jeremy went to Taiwan at the age of 18 for the first time to study Chinese for 1 year. Attracted by Chinese culture and language, he subsequently went back to Taiwan during breaks while attending the University of Texas. In 1997, he went back again, this time, to work at a computer company in 汐止 (Hsi Zhi).

While Jeremy was busy traveling between Taiwan and the U.S., Sheena spent most of her life in Taipei, Taiwan, the land of shaved ice and hot women.

In 1998, Jeremy and Sheena met in Taiwan through a mutual Canadian friend who was teaching Sheena English. They dated for a while and when Jeremy came back to California in 2000, Sheena soon followed to attend University in the US.

They started a new life together in San Francisco. It was a wonderful time, but life decided to take them in different directions. Sheena was accepted to Columbia University in New York and Jeremy wanted to pursue film making in Los Angeles.

After much thought, they decided to test their relationship by adding more distance. Through four hard years of school in New York for Sheena and through many crazy film experiences in LA for Jeremy, they reunited after her graduation and moved to Long Beach.

In their future, there are yet more changes. This time, life is taking them to the East Coast where Sheena will attend graduate school and Jeremy will continue to pursue his career goals.


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